"Personal Problems"

from by SGF



"Personal Problems" is a patchwork of confused R&B vocals, cut up samples of a particular keyboard from the 1990s, and an unsettling smoothness juxtaposed with sharp angles.


Where my familiar light
Was burning, there's nothing
Can't I just stay inside?
I need it, I'll find it
I tried, I know I tried
It's coming, not coming

What have you done?
Guess they have to burn another one

What a shame
What a shame
Mm, that's right
Tell me what to do
Tell me what to do
What am I supposed to do?

I tried
I tried
I tried, you know
There's nothing, there's nothing
There's nothing

I tried, take a look
What am I supposed to do
Tell me what to do

Take a look
Take a look
Take a look

I tried to spit it out
But the rotten words stick to my mouth
If I don't stop all my nothing sounds
There's only doubt, there's only doubt
So I will open wide
I, I
So scared the moments gone
I am burning another one
I am burning another one

Worried it's gonna be the death of me
Why does there have to be an enemy
Worried it's gonna be the death of me
Why does there gotta be an enemy

As I get older
I realize that I never really
Solve any problems that I actually have
Sort of a conundrum
I mean
What are you supposed to about
Things that are out of your control
I feel like there's
An expectation that you just kind of
Learn to ignore them
Do things to kind of distract yourself from
Things that should be weighing down on you
I know that I'm guilty of that
Are you guilty of that?
Are you guilty of not being who you want to be?
Do you feel some sort of
Some sort of
That's normal
That's what life is
How can your look at yourself in the mirror in the morning
When you know that you're a failure
How can you just
Deal with that
It's okay, it's hard, I know
But, you know, you'll
You'll get over it
I hope
You know I love you


from Three Week Rotation, track released September 15, 2016
written, produced, mixed, and mastered by SGF



all rights reserved


SGF Seattle, Washington

SGF spans pop realms with their multifaceted sound. Listen through their releases and you’ll hear forays into synthpop, house, dream pop, darkwave, R&B, and even smooth jazz. Unified under heartfelt hooks, SGF melds these disparate genres into something that is both uniquely theirs and never far from the dancefloor. ... more

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