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What does it feel like to move on?
When does the anger fade?
Can it be an awakening when it happens?

The conflicted emotions of "Thoughtless," SGF's driving synthpop anthem, mirror shifting moods that burble underneath. Periods of calm and storm pull at the spirit as melodies dance around feelings of ending and transition. A rubbery, incessant bassline tries like hell to push sad memories away. Oh, but there are wild things inside of us! Synthesizers blossom with baroque flourishes. A throng of voices shouts the hook until it becomes a call to action.

Acceptance can be celebratory!
Closure can be ecstatic!


I guess that life couldn't contain you
Pushed you to search for danger on the sly
Had me screamin' "why, oh why? You know I can change, too"
But you left me cold and dry, my god!

Maybe I made a misstatement
Cause I don't even mind
The mess you left kept me up all night

It's your right to be foolish
When I'm not in your life
Have distances kept you satisfied?

You barely let me down

You kept tellin' me you had to hear the call
And it scared me that I heard nothin' at all
When you said you were gonna leave
Was it just as you promised?
Always thoughtless
Always thoughtless

There's a wild thing inside me all along
I guess this is just how it feels I'm movin' on
I'm a radiant feral beast
Little ignorant spirit
Always thoughtless
Always thoughtless

I left my ire miles behind you
I am at peace with a lover at my side
And I find we're entwined, oh!
She shows her teeth, too
And I hope you catch that light, my god!


from Three Week Rotation, track released July 12, 2016
written, produced, mixed, and mastered by SGF



all rights reserved


SGF Seattle, Washington

SGF spans pop realms with their multifaceted sound. Listen through their releases and you’ll hear forays into synthpop, house, dream pop, darkwave, R&B, and even smooth jazz. Unified under heartfelt hooks, SGF melds these disparate genres into something that is both uniquely theirs and never far from the dancefloor. ... more

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